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8 Signs Of Early Ageing And How To Prevent Them

Time flies doesn’t it? You probably remember celebrating your last day of school with friends and inside, you feel the same as you did back then – albeit a little wiser.

Unfortunately, your skin might not be feeling quite as youthful and if it’s showing the signs of early ageing, you might feel a little betrayed.

You can’t hold back the clock, and the damage caused by sun exposure, poor diet and lifestyle choices will show in time. But if you know the signs to look for you can take action and seek advice from skin care professionals.

Here are 8 signs of early ageing to look for, and what you can do to minimise them:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines, crow’s feet and laughter lines are a sure sign of premature ageing, and that your skin is dehydrated. As you age, your body produces less collagen, resulting in these lines. If you live in a dry environment, smoke, drink alcohol regularly and don’t moisturise enough, these lines will probably be worse at a younger age, and deepen faster.

Antioxidants will help, so invest in an antioxidant-rich moisturiser, serum and eye cream, and wear sunblock year-round. Laser treatments and Collagen Induction Therapy are just two of the professional treatments that will help minimise fine lines and encourage collagen production.

  1. Dark Spots

Pigmentation is caused by hormones and sun exposure. Uneven skin tone can be helped with a number of professional treatments. To prevent the problem from getting worse, make sure you wear sunscreen all year round. And whenever possible, wear a hat when you’re outdoors.

  1. Loss of elasticity

Exposure to UV rays causes the breakdown of the fibres in the skin (elastin), resulting in sagging. The best treatments will boost your skin’s ability to produce collagen. These may include injections and targeted facial treatments. Dehydration can also impact the elasticity of your skin, so make sure your skin is hydrated with a good moisturiser and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  1. Dullness

Tired, dull skin is caused by a number of factors, including a lack of moisture, poor diet, environmental factors and smoking. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and use skin products rich in antioxidants. Talk to your skincare professional about treatments to bring back your glow.

  1. Dark circles

Shadows under your eyes can be caused by stress, fatigue and dehydration, but can also be a result of weight loss or hereditary conditions that result in hyperpigmentation. Better stress-management and getting enough water and sleep may help, but if the shadows persist, get professional advice about the best brightening cream for your skin. A vitamin-enriched facial will also bring back your sparkle.

  1. Drooping eyes

Does it look like your eyes are changing shape or looking heavier than usual? Your eyelids may be dropping due to a degeneration in the muscles around the eyes. It may look worse if you’re sleep deprived or dehydrated. Speak to an expert skin care professional about treatment.

  1. Dry skin

Dry skin will show the signs of ageing as if under a microscope because dry skin is flaky and lacks the plumpness of well-hydrated skin. As you age, your skin will need extra hydration, so choose an age-appropriate skincare range and stay away from any products that contain alcohol.

  1. Loss of firmness

Like all the other signs of ageing, loss of firmness is rooted in dehydration, sun damage and lifestyle and environmental factors. As your body begins to produce less collagen, your skin will lose its firmness. Regain some of that elasticity with skin care products and treatments that boost your skin’s ability to produce collagen and add nourishment in the form of antioxidants and moisture.

Victorian Dermal Group offers a range of anti-ageing treatments and products that will help you regain your youthful look to match your confidence. You don’t feel your age, and there’s no need to look like it, so book an appointment with the team today.

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