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A word from Chantelle Delaney

As Melbourne Skin Treatment Clinic Chantelle Delaney started singing before she could walk properly, and at the age of six, she picked up her first instrument – a guitar. Music quickly became her life. As a child performing on Australian stages, Chantelle was inspired and as a teenager, she began singing at the Prestigious Trinity College of London. Now a young lady armed with a soaring voice and acoustic guitar, Chantelle possesses both a witty personality and engaging presence. Chantelle recently ventured into the Victorian Dermal Group Clinic for some advice on her Dark Skin Laser Hair Removal here’s what she had to say…

Looking after my appearance has always been a priority to me and as full time musician, the constant travel, stage makeup and lighting can often wreak havoc on my skin leaving it temperamental, tired, dry and dull. I recently was introduced to the Victorian Dermal Group, a place I now call my haven for managing all of my skin concerns. The team at Victorian Dermal Group are amazing and their professional approach on providing me with the best solutions for my skin is nothing short of miraculous. My skin has never looked better and it is refreshing to find a team of experts whom I can trust and offer specialised advice. Victorian Dermal Group – you are my saviour!

Chantelle Delaney, Singer / Songwriter

October 26th, 2014|