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Facial Peels

It is as it sounds – a facial skin peel removes the layer of dead skin to reveal new, more youthful skin. As with every product on the market, there are many different options, targeting many different skin types for many different reasons.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons facial peels are good for your skin and why you should have one:

  • Improves overall skin texture and removes debris from the surface
  • “New” skin has a smoother appearance and retains moisture better
  • Improves the effects of sun damage, softens fine lines and lightens hyperpigmentation (aka age spots)
  • Stimulates blood flow, helping increase the rate of skin turnover, bringing new cells to the surface faster
  • Helps with the appearance and extraction of blackheads and other skin blemishes

What to expect from your facial peel and who can use them

This depends on the type of facial peel you want, and the depth that it will penetrate. There are clinical face peels, which have proven results and professional advice to ensure proper use and results, and there are endless home remedies or shop brands you can try. Overall you can expect to see younger, smoother looking skin which is easier to maintain. Using professional peels can save you loads of wasted money trying to find the right peel for you.

There are a number of factors that come into play when using facial peels, so you should always seek professional advice prior to use, regardless. For example, pregnant or lactating women should be aware that salicylic acid is absorbed through the skin and can impact both the baby and the mother’s milk. Another example with salicylic acid is that it related to aspirin, so for people with allergies this could result in health complications. A consultation with your Skin Treatment Melbourne will help you determine which product you can use, and what results you can expect.

Different types of facial peels

Superficial peels remove dead skin from the surface and treat fine lines, mild pigmentation and acne.

Medium peels are very similar to superficial peels in what they treat and the recovery time, however as it suggests, these do penetrate further.

Deep peels are the strongest of facial peels and should only be applied by a professional. These peels are used to treat coarse wrinkles, blotches/patches causes by aging or sun exposure as well as pre-cancerous growths. Although these peels do require the most healing time and take longer than other peels, the results from these peels last a lot longer and produce more dramatic results.

Here are a few of the different types of peels we offer:

  • Lactic Peels – these peels are derived from sour milk. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types it targets fine lines, wrinkles and skin photo-aging. Lactic peels have a high hydration power, and are available in concentrations of 40% and 50%.
  • Mandelic Peels – from a bitter almond extract, Mandelic peels can give you a deeper exfoliation with minimal irritation. Used for the treatment of photo-aging, oily, congested and acne prone skin. Also available in concentrations of 40% and 50%.
  • Salicylic Peels – derived from willow bark, also used for the treatment of acne prone skin, oily skin, and photo-aging. These peels are available in concentrations of 20% and 30%.
  • Glycolic Peels – Glycolic is derived from sugar cane, used to treat intensive concerns of photo-aging and blemishes.
  • Modified Jessner – this is a combination of three ingredients including lactic, salicylic and citric. This particular peel is perfect for skin rejuvenation, fine lines, wrinkles, superficial acne scarring. Safe for use with sensitive and dark skin types. This peel is available in concentrations of 35% and 50%.

Which peel is right for you?

Choosing the right peel can be daunting, as there are many risks associated with the different chemicals encountered in each product. It is highly recommended that you start with a light peel and work your way upwards to find the right amount of exfoliation for your skin.

Always check the ingredients of the peel you want to use, and be aware of the risks. By booking in with one of our specialists for a consultation, you can rest assured that the peel recommended is going to be the safest for you, while still delivering the desired results.

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