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Facial Rejuvenation Melbourne

It’s inevitable – as we age, our facial skin becomes more prone to developing fine lines, uneven skin tones, scars and the oh-so-dreaded “sagging”.  Luckily, as modern technology continues to progress, there are a number of different treatments for all of these skin conditions.

Once again, it’s important you understand your skin before embarking on a rejuvenation journey. As appealing as youthful, glowing skin is, there’s nothing worse than trying product after product with the only reduction being the amount sitting in our bank accounts.

To help you decide on a safe, proven and effective treatment for your skin condition, today we’re looking at some of these conditions and the treatments offered to combat them.

Fine lines

We’ve all heard of “ageing gracefully”… this is commonly interpreted as meaning “just let your skin and hair etc. do what it’s naturally supposed to do”. However it’s often overlooked that our skin is ageing faster, and this is occurring in younger people, often due to the chemicals we’re surrounded by on a daily basis. There’s nothing graceful about letting your skin, and in turn your self-confidence, suffer due to an unhealthy environment. One of the brilliant methods for bringing back healthy and youthful skin is Collagen Induction Therapy (also known as skin needling). For those of you who cringe at the word “needles”, never fear. This method is nearly entirely pain-free and has minimal discomfort following the procedure. Read more about it here.

Textures and skin tones

Explored in previous posts, uneven skin tones and textures can result from a number of different causes. One of the common complaints among our patients is those suffering with Rosacea (pronounced row-zay). This is a chronic skin condition characterised by redness, facial dilated capillaries, papules and pustules. Although the exact cause for Rosacea is not known, there are a number of identified triggers such as alcohol, hormones and sun exposure.

To combat these conditions we offer the use of either the Aura KTP Laser, or the V Beam laser, both of which are highly effective for the areas they treat. There are limitations, for example very dark pigmentations, so an alternative treatment may be suggested. Read more about our treatment for Rosacea here.


Unfortunately, unless you’re a Beagle or Shar Pei, sagging skin isn’t exactly cute. On the flip side, we offer a treatment that’s in hot demand, ensuring you get back that “cute” skin you loved living in. Again, causes of sagging skin vary – from weight loss through to loss of collagen. Regardless of the cause, there’s always a silver lining which for Skin Peels Melbourne is (drum roll)… the Infini RF. The advantage of using the Fractional Intradermal Radio Frequency treatment (FIRF) is the minimized healing time, and the fact that it’s suitable for most patients and skin types. This procedure is most often applied as a series of 5 treatments. The good news doesn’t stop here. With each treatment you see immediate results! We have a couple of great fact sheets, and more information here.

The overall benefits of skin rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic look at some of the common conditions encountered and the highly effective treatments to resolve them, here are a few more key benefits associated with facial rejuvenation:

Stimulated collagen production

Increased and improved blood circulation

Younger, smoother looking skin

A healthy glow you thought was only achievable if you were a model in T.V commercials…

With an endless list of treatments and benefits, there’s really only one thing left to do… book your consultation today!

February 24th, 2016|