Factors You Need To Consider That Might Affect Your Tattoo Removal

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Factors You Need To Consider That Might Affect Your Tattoo Removal

So you’ve got a tattoo that you no longer want and you’re keen to get it removed as soon as you can. What you first have to factor in, is that there may be a couple of things that will affect how easy it is for the clinician to remove your tattoo.

The good news is that any tattoo can be removed, it’s just that these following characteristic will alter your experience:

  • The Location

Depending on where you’ve got your tattoo, it can be difficult to remove. In areas where there is a large blood and lymph node supply – such as the face, neck, arms and back – the easier it is to remove. However, lower regions can be more difficult and may require more treatments.

  • The Size

The bigger the tattoo, the longer it will take to remove. A small butterfly on your ankle will take a few sessions while a sleeve of colourful patterns will no doubt involve several laser treatment sessions to eradicate it successfully.

  • The Age

The newer and fresher the tattoo, the more difficult it will be to remove it. The reason is that over the years, the tattoo colours fade, which makes it easier for the clinician to remove the tattoo more effectively than a new one that has thick ink coatings.

  • Your Skin Tone

In order to remove a tattoo successfully, the laser has to penetrate the dermis of your skin, below the epidermis. People with darker complexions will find it more difficult to remove the tattoo and may require a higher wavelength to remove it, which may lead to scarring. The dermis on a darker-skinned person is thicker and will, therefore, require more laser treatments than a fair-skinned person.

  • The Colours

You may imagine that removing jet-black ink will take forever and a day to remove. However, it is actually easier to remove darker colours such as black and navy than it is to remove lighter colours, such as yellows. The more colourful, the more treatments needed to remove it successfully.

  • The Depth of the Ink

Professional tattooists will endeavour to penetrate deep into the skin, far below the surface for maximum exposure and longer-lasting effect. However, the deeper the ink in the skin, the more laser treatment will be needed since it has to work deeper into the dermis of the skin to remove the colour and patterns.

If you have any questions about your tattoo removal through laser therapy, contact us for professional advice from our Dermal Clinicians.

April 5th, 2018|