How To Care For Your Skin After A Tattoo Removal

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How To Care For Your Skin After A Tattoo Removal

If you have recently had a tattoo removed, one of the most important things to bear in mind for aftercare treatment is to allow your body to heal and to re-build healthy skin. This may mean taking adequate time to rest and relax by avoiding strenuous physical activity. Your body requires the energy to heal itself. But this is just one of the ways to help aid recovery.

  • Best aftercare habits after a tattoo removal

Implementing proper aftercare habits will promote faster healing and recovery between tattoo removal sessions and prevent unwanted adverse effects.

  • Allow the site to heal properly

Do not remove the dressing from the site for at least 24 hours and keep the site clean. You can take a moderately warm shower the following day. The site can be re-covered with a non-stick dressing to ensure it remains clean and to prevent any irritation caused by clothing.

  • Initiate a scar prevention protocol

An alcohol-free ointment or gel may be applied to the site up to a maximum of 4 times a day. A gentle massage using the chosen product will encourage blood flow. The site should also be kept moist. A scare prevention protocol will also reduce symptoms such as itching.

  • Beware of post-tattoo removal symptoms and take appropriate action

It is common to experience symptoms such as itching, redness of the skin, blistering and bleeding. With blisters, try to avoid popping them or else you risk developing an infection, rather see a doctor if the discomfort becomes unbearable. Never scratch itchy skin – there is over-the-counter medication available to help relieve the pain.

Aftercare treatment can take up to 2 weeks. Additional best practice treatment techniques to promote faster recovery include:

  • Avoid sun exposure that may result in scarring in the treated area.
  • Keep away from saunas, swimming pools and hot tubs.
  • Avoid tanning sprays and bronzers before and after treatment for at least four weeks.
  • Practice healthy lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition, exercise and drinking plenty of water.

It is critical that you stick to the post-treatment instructions provided to you by your clinic. Should you have any cause for concern, it is essential to contact your clinic or medical professional immediately. For more information on laser tattoo removal, book a consultation at Victorian Dermal Group today.

October 15th, 2018|