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Laser Hair Removal – The Facts

Tired of trying to manage unwanted hair? Think about all the wasted hours waxing and shaving, only to be left with ingrown hairs and irritated skin! It’s easy to see why millions around the world are turning to Laser Hair Removal Melbourne for a permanent solution.

What is laser hair removal?

The type of laser or (wavelength) used is attracted to the pigment (colour) within the hair follicle, which is why laser hair removal is not effective at treating blonde or white/grey hairs; due to lack of pigment within the hairs. So having dark, thick hair for the first time actually works in your favour.

Once all the laser energy is constricted to the hair follicle and bulb (root)  the laser works by creating a photothermal (heat) reaction within the hair follicle and destroying the hair at the root. Post treatment you will see some mild erythema (redness) and mild peri-follicular oedema (swelling around the hair follicle). The amount of treatment required will depend on your hair and skin type; generally an approximate of  6 laser sessions are required to treat all cycles of hair growth. Treatment intervals will be spaced depending on the hair growth cycle in the area being treated , although treatments are usually spaced between 4-12wks.

Choosing a clinic

– As a consumer seeking cosmetic services it can be quite a confusing and overwhelming decision, with so many laser clinics and modalities/lasers to choose from. So the real question is, which one is right for you? It is important you do your research so you can make fully informed decisions regarding your face and body. There are risks associated with most cosmetic Skin Treatment Melbourne, but these risks can be significantly minimised by asking the right questions through the consultation process.

Your decision should be based on a few simple yet very important factors:

  • Who will be performing the treatment and what qualifications do they have?
  • What is the recommended treatment plan- get a 2nd opinion?
  • What type of technology are they offering, laser or IPL?

Lets look at the difference with IPL and Lasers

Lasers are single wavelength devices that are specific to what they are treating, making them more safe and effective.

Intense Pulsed-light (IPL) – While IPL devices are marketed for a variety of treatment applications, their performance levels are inferior to lasers, particularly in hair removal. Further, IPL needlessly exposes patients to some unnecessary and/or ineffective wavelengths of radiation and are lacking, by definition, the purity of treatment available with a single-wavelength laser. Specifically, IPL hair removal treatments result in an increased frequency of complications and offer overall inferior results when compared to laser hair reduction.

What type of laser will they be using?

You will need to know the wavelength to determine its safety and efficacy on your skin type. For example, my clinic uses Candela GentleMax Pro which offers two wavelengths, one is the (755nm ) Alexandrite laser. This wavelength (laser) is suitable for lighter skin types. The second is a (1064nm) Nd;Yag which is suitable for darker skin types.

The technology used to perform these treatments are very powerful, and in the wrong hands can cause permanent skin damage. This is why it’s so important you do your research first; a well-informed decision will ensure the best results for your face and body.

For more information on Laser hair removal please visit our website or contact our friendly team today.

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