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Laser vs IPL – the Facts

Light-based hair removal systems continue to grow in popularity. With the promise of never having to shave again, a plethora of companies and devices, including lasers and broad-spectrum light devices, are attempting to satisfy this growing demand for Permanent Hair Removal Melbourne.

Laser or light-based Laser Hair Removal Melbourne is based upon the principles of selective photothermolysis – which states that the light energy must be well absorbed by the targeted chromophore for efficacy and less well absorbed by competing chromophore(s) to prevent collateral thermal damage.

In the case of hair reduction, the targeted chromophore is perifollicular melanin and the competing chromophore is epidermal melanin.

Lasers are single wavelength devices with absorption coefficients relatively specific to the chromophores they are intended to target. Intense Pulsed-light (IPL) devices expose the patient to a broader spectrum of light energy defined by cut-off filters, typically in the range of 600-1200 nm. The fact that lasers and IPL devices may target multiple chromophores allow these products to be marketed as being capable of treating a variety of conditions in addition to hair removal, including treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, warts, wrinkles, and even acne.

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October 27th, 2013|