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Pesky Pigmentation Magazine Article

Victorian Dermal Group were recently featured in an article on the website ‘Primped’. It was a timely piece on Pigmentation Treatment Melbourne and the effect of Australia’s harsh summer sun…

Pesky Pigmentation: Summer’s Signature Spots of Bother
Many things make me smile. Things like sunshine, cherries en masse, Bradley Cooper films on repeat, and a clear complexion. So, here’s the quiz. Which of these did I enjoy this summer, Primpettes?

If you came up with a sunny, cherry-scented, hot guy sandwich, that’s ten points coming your way. If you guessed that a clear complexion was the one thing I missed out on, it’s onto the bonus round for you my pretty!

See, for all the work I put into my 2013 Pigmentation Prevention Campaign with my arsenal of active skincare and Skin Treatment, it all seems to have gone to pot over summer.

I slipped, I slopped, I slapped and I kept my face in the shade At All Times but I still had some remnants of pesky pigment. Unfortunately for me, not perfectly placed like the lovely Olivia Munn.

Read the full article here.

February 12th, 2014|