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What is pigmentation, and what causes it?

Skin is an incredible yet complicated part of our make-up, and one of the many problems we often encounter over the course of our lives is skin pigmentation. Pigmentation Treatment Melbourne occurs when special cells in our skin, which make melanin, become damaged or unhealthy. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its colour, so it stands to reason that when these cells are affected negatively, we’re going to see pigmentation.

So now you ask, what are some of the ways we damage these special cells? There are a number of (and by that we mean more than a few!) causes for pigmentation, but here are some of the more common factors.

  • Burns

This can range from simple sunburns, to a more complex type of burn such as that encountered with Radiation Therapy. Some medications can also make our skin more sensitive to the sun, resulting in burning more easily.

  • Infections

Cuts and scrapes for example can develop infections that cause the surrounding skin to turn red or white, and also change the texture of the skin.

There’s also chronic skin infections, such as Erythrasma, which are caused by a bacteria that makes the skin turn pink with brownish flaky patches, and wrinkling.

  • Changes in hormones

Any changes in hormones can cause our skin to “act out”. A common cause for sudden hormonal changes in women for example is pregnancy. These types of hormones, like Melasma or chloasma, can cause dark patches on the face. This is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”.

  • Skin cancer

There are many different types of skin cancer, none of which should be taken lightly. These should be investigated immediately through consultation with a professional, as urgent treatment may be required.

How can we prevent skin pigmentation?

There are many different methods, products and suggestions for preventing pigmentation, with each one being as viable as the next. The first step is – understanding your skin. Seek out a professional consultation where you can get a clear understanding of what skin type you have, and what measures you can take to improve and then maintain. Here are few other suggestions for preventative measures:

  • Choose a good pigment blocker you can apply morning and night. Also find a good exfoliator, and not just your supermarket brands.
  • When planning on spending a day in the sun – slip, slop, slap and wrap. Get someone to help you cover those difficult areas such as mid-back.
  • Be aware of, and consider different treatments available to you. Whether its chemical peels or other remedies, remember – knowledge is power. Ask as many questions as you need in order to understand which path is right for you and your skin.

Pigmentation treatments

Depending on the type and degree of pigmentation present there are a few different options regarding treatment – this ranges from the use of lasers, through to treatment products you can use at home.

Some of the lasers we use include the Fractioned laser (1927nm), Alexandrite laser (755nm) and the Q-switch laser.

We also offer products such as the Cosmelan De Pigmentation Treatment Melbourne, which has had huge success. In short, it’s a professional topical brightening treatment that targets all types of patches and skin discolorations, with almost instant results.

For those of you suffering from persistent or particularly resistant pigmentation problems, there’s Dermamelan-Cosmelan. Based on the prevention, reduction and blending of melanin patches on the face, Cosmelan Depigmentation treatments are very effective in the improvement of dark patches and brown skin blemishes. It also has a very high safety margin, coupled with a high level of active ingredients, found in both the mask and the home care products, which deters the development of melanin production. Read more here.

Each patient is different, each cause of pigmentation is different, and therefore each treatment plan is different. In order to establish which type of treatment is going to work the fastest and achieve the best results for you, an in-depth consultation with one of our Melbourne Skin Treatment Clinic experts will determine this. You can read more about our lasers and treatments for pigmentation here, or contact our friendly staff today to book your consultation.

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