Revolutionary Fraxel Laser Treatment – All You Need To Know, Right Here

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Revolutionary Fraxel Laser Treatment – All You Need To Know, Right Here

Laser treatment has been a revolutionary option for those who suffer from skin problems and want to have sustainable and lasting results. However, there is a new treatment called Fraxel Laser Treatment, which gets deeper and can have more of an impact when removing scarring.

Here’s what you need to know aboutFraxel Laser Treatments and what it can do for you:

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

The Fraxel Laser Treatment is a process of ‘fractional technology’, and it involves making tiny injuries to the skin. These are very small in size, being about 1/10 of the diameter of a single hair. The laser produces thousands of microscopic treatment zones that permeate deep in the skin, surrounding the area. The body then heals these microscopic injuries and the surrounding site, which results in the scar tissue also being healed.

What are benefits of Fraxel treatment?

  • Rejuvenates and smooths the skin’s surface so it looks fresher, healthier and younger
  • Resolves hyper-pigmentation and sun-damaged skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats mild acne scarring to lessen the appearance of indents from the acne scarring
  • Prevents excess scar tissue from forming after the treatment

How does Fraxel achieve these results?

Fraxel’s ‘imprints’ are controlled and the damaged skin cells immediately start to regenerate. The skin repairs itself by pushing out the older, controlled-damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. The laser treatment triggers the body’s natural healing processes, which helps to accelerate the production of collagen and of new, healthy skin cells. The result is a healthier, younger-looking skin.

How many treatments are needed?

It’s not enough to have just one Fraxel treatment. It generally takes anything from three to five treatments for results to show. For post-surgical scar healing, three treatments are usually recommended – this is because it’s estimated that each treatment replaces about 15-20% of the sun-damaged, scarred or wrinkled skin.

If you need more information about this revolutionary treatment, contact the experts in Fraxel Laser Melbourne for a consultation and see for yourself what it can really do for your skin.

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