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  • Save Time and Money with Laser Hair Removal

Save Time and Money with Laser Hair Removal

If you’re like the average Australian women, you spend a significant amount of your time on looking and feel good. In the workplace and in personal relationships, there is an expectation that women present themselves a certain way – not that we don’t do it by choice and enjoy the process however! It’s no surprise then that the average Australian woman spends up to AU$3600 a year on beauty care – or about five percent of their average household income!

Every year Suncorp Bank releases its Cost of Looking Good Report, which highlights the time and money Australians spend on day to day activities. They have found that spending on beauty is highest in Victoria, followed by New South Wales and South Australia. The average Aussie woman spends 100 minutes a day on looking good. Over half of Australians collectively spend AU$612 million per month on non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and the best hair removal creams for women. It’s clear to see that looking good is costing us time and money.

If you find the figures above surprising, we don’t blame you. After all, most of us don’t count our at-home hair removal costs – the minutes it takes to shave every morning, or the cost of the hair removal products we purchase. If you were to sit down and add up every cent and second you spent on removing unwanted hair, you would be surprised. Sadly, while we haven’t yet created a machine that applies your makeup perfectly in traffic, or picks out the perfect outfit based on your mood, here are other ways to save time and money when it comes to hair removal for women, such as laser hair removal.

There is a misconception that hair removers such as electrolysis and IPL laser hair removal are too time consuming and expensive. And while it does take the best laser hair removal techniques and many hours overall to get the results you need, compared to what you currently spend on a lifetime basis the cost is more affordable. It is a permanent hair removal solution that can take anywhere from 5 to 10 treatments for a permanent result, with shaving and trimming permitted between your treatments, which occur every few weeks. Facial hair removal for women can take as little as a minute, with areas such as legs taking up to an hour. And while laser hair removal costs are high, remember, you are removing that hair for good.

Like most specialised cosmetic procedures, permanent laser hair removal is not available at home and what is best for you as an individual will depend on your skin texture, type and colour. We recommend you make an appointment with your nearest hair laser removal clinic to discuss your options. We’re confident that whatever they tell you, you will quickly see the time and money saving benefits.

July 11th, 2016|