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Skin Cleansing Tips: How to Get Beautiful Skin

ictorian Dermal Group were recently featured in an online article about skin cleansing. The article originally appeared on www.rescu.com.au…

We (should) do it every day – often twice – but are we becoming laissez-faire about our cleansing routines? And how much will our skin suffer in the future? Try these top skin cleansing tips for the ultimate in fresh-faced beauty.

If you’re anything like me, some days cleansing gets about as much intellectual concentration as sorting socks and ironing jocks. It’s no mental marathon by any stretch. Which is a shame really, because the key to a more youthful and vibrant complexion as we age, is actually heavily pegged on how sufficiently and religiously we cleanse right now.

“Cleansing is perhaps the easiest, least expensive and most important element of maintaining healthy skin,” explains Derya Koch, Dermal Clinician Victorian Dermal Group. It is the building block of a healthy skincare regime, removing excess oil and impurities from the skin to improve its health and radiance and ensure it’s receptive towards the steps in your skincare program to follow.

Generally speaking, a basic skin care regime should be followed no later than your teens when skin starts to produce excess sebum.

All skins types at every age require daily cleansing routines. Although the type of cleanser you are using will differ with different skin types, the main thing is to ensure whatever you are using is working with – not against – the your skins bio-lipidic barrier so as to never strip, dehydrate or overly dry it out.

“If you experience dryness, flaking and or irritation after cleansing, this may be an indication you are over-cleansing or more importantly, that you are using the wrong cleanser for your skin type,” explains Koch.

But twice a day? Excessive or essential? “The morning cleansing routine is simply about clearing the way for the other steps of your skin care regime to ensure your products are penetrating into your skin,” says Koch. ”The evening cleanse is very important too though, as throughout the day you are exposed to dirt and pollutants that are absorbed by your skin which could lead to congestion, breakouts and can be quite irritating.”

If you are in the market for a cleanser, here are some options that may suit your skin:

Cleansing Balms are commonly used for sensitive skin types, which can include sensitive, ruddy and dry.

Double Cleansing is more for an oiler skin type with excessive sebum production, explains Koch. “Or the first cleanse is for makeup and the second to clean the skin.”

“Electronic cleaning devices are a personal favourite of mine,” she adds. “All skin types could use this although it would be more beneficial if you had thicker skin that required a deeper clean as it has more of an exfoliating effect.”

In-Salon Extraction should be reserved for skin that requires a manual extraction of open and closed comedones (black heads), to remove and clear which is done using either a specific tool or a lancet to prevent any scarring and or bruising.

In-Salon Skin Peel come in a variety of options using different ingredients and strengths. Peels are a great treatment to clear and skin rejuvenation , as even the most sensitive and delicate skins will benefit a peel that will strengthen and hydrate their skin. “Visit a dermal clinician or skin professional to ensure the most suitable peel for you skin type,” advises Koch.

In-Salon Dermabrasion is a treatment that uses exfoliating crystals to manually remove the superficial layers of skin. This can be great for thicker and more oily or congested skins but not so suitable for inflamed, red or sensitive skin types.

Steaming you skin has found to reduce the amount of Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). This will increase hydration is skin and is great for dry and dehydrated skin types.

Cleansing Wipes have their place in a fast-paced lifestyle for on-the-go grit removal, but you will find they are not as effective long-term as a cleanser, and they may be irritating on certain skin types.

Warm face washer with water may have been your mother’s method of cleansing and still holds some merit. “This method can be good if you have thicker skin that can tolerate the exfoliating effect of a face washer, but not so great for sensitive skins,” notes Koch.

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