Treat Adult Acne Effectively with A Holistic Skin Treatment Plan

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Treat Adult Acne Effectively with A Holistic Skin Treatment Plan

Acne is not just a common skin problem plaguing teenagers. Adults, too, are afflicted by acne, with some experiencing it for the first time over the age of 35. How prevalent is the appearance of acne in adults? As high as 20 percent of Australian women suffer from this skin disorder. The Victorian Dermal Group in Melbourne provides holistic skin treatment plans to treat and manage adult acne. We find that the best treatment methods to tackle such skin disorders include an all-inclusive treatment plan that covers lifestyle and diet in addition to ground breaking laser treatments. We will help you step out again with self-confidence.

In order to gain maximum benefit out of an acne treatment plan, it is useful to understand the causes that give rise to an outbreak of acne later in life. Acne in adults is caused by a wide range of factors such as: stress, hormone imbalance, unhealthy diet and the use of the wrong skin care products with ingredients that have a negative effect on the skin. Many different active ingredients used at the same time can result in increased oil production that cause clogged pores.

Treating adult acne differs from the treatment of adolescent acne because more mature skin tends to be less resilient and more delicate. A combined treatment plan is more effective as it addresses a number of contributing factors that cause the skin problem. Thanks to developments in laser technology, improving the look of your skin has never been more safe, easy, convenient or affordable. While laser procedures are successful in relieving the symptoms of skin blemishes, it should be supported by other lifestyle changes. A healthier diet and taking active steps to reduce stress can only boost the positive effects achieved by laser treatments.

Untreated acne can leave permanent scarring which is why prompt and effective treatment is critical. The Victorian Dermal Group Melbourne located in central Kew offers effective treatment plans for blemish-free skin.

October 15th, 2016|