What To Expect During Your Dermal Clinic Consultation

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What To Expect During Your Dermal Clinic Consultation

If you’ve never been to a skin care clinic, you might not know what to expect from your first appointment. Before you receive any treatment, most skin care professionals will follow a diagnostic process to determine the perfect skin care plan for you. Here’s what to expect from your first consultation and what questions you might get asked.

What Influences Your Skin

To get an accurate idea of the state of your skin, the clinic will need to assess its condition as well as your lifestyle and wellbeing. This will include factors such as any hormonal problems you might have, genetic issues you’ve inherited, the medication you’re taking, your current skincare routine, and how you deal with sun exposure. 

The Diagnosis Process

The process will be used to create a consistent, thorough and informative guide to helping you achieve clear and healthy skin. We do this by conducting a skin analysis involving the two following technologies:

Ultraviolet lamps: Your skin is examined for skin hydration, oily flow, bacteria and the general health and function of your skin. The results from this analysis will provide skin care specialists with the information they need to develop tailored recommendations to ensure you get the best results from your treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging: The second technology gets a deeper understanding of the condition of your skin that the naked eye cannot see. The results from this analysis will determine the pigment depth and vascularity-vessel size, which will also provide more accurate detail about your skin to help identify a precise treatment method, pre-skin preparation and tailored recovery plan.

Skincare treatments are very specialised as every person’s skin is different. Before any treatment is conducted in a skin care clinic, this consultation process must occur first to ensure the most effective treatment options are carried out. Although it may be lengthy, it’s consistent and thorough so that you can get the healthy, glowing skin you deserve. If you’d like more information about our consultation process, or if you’re ready to begin your journey to better skin today, book a consultation with the Victorian Dermal Clinic to begin.

January 17th, 2019|