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What To Expect From Our Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic condition that occurs on the face and nose, giving it a reddish tint caused by enlarged blood vessels in the face. It’s a chronic condition in adults, but fortunately, it’s treatable by laser or topical skincare.

While various medication is on the market to help with Rosacea, there have been no proven results in reducing the redness effectively other than via laser treatment.

Here is what you can expect from our Rosacea treatment:

  • Laser treatment

Treating Rosacea with laser treatment is an effective method to reduce the redness around the cheeks and nose. Using a pulsed dye treatment, the laser penetrates the red blood cells and kills off the inflamed lining causing redness.

  • Procedure of treatment

It depends on the patient, but usually, it takes anywhere from two to six or eight treatments to see a clear difference in your skin appearance. Treatments are spread out five to six weeks apart for optimal effectiveness. We find that the strong majority of our patients see the desired results after this typical treatment routine.

  • Is the cost worth it?

Only you can answer this question. What does your budget look like? Typically, the cost per treatment is in the range of a few hundred dollars – and you should budget to include up to a maximum of eight treatments. However, as mentioned, these treatments are set across several weeks, which makes saving easier. Ultimately, is it investing in to gain your confidence back?

  • Are you the right person for this treatment?

There are considerations before treatment is deemed safe for you. If you are prone to blood clotting or if you are dependent on insulin to regulate your diabetes, you should first consult your doctor before undergoing treatment. Also, darker or tanned people should be wary before having laser treatment for Rosacea. Be sure to ask your Dermal Clinician any questions before undergoing treatment.

If you’re sick and tired of redness on your face, consider undertaking Rosacea treatment to eradicate the problem once and for all. Call us now to make an appointment or seek more information.

April 27th, 2018|