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What You Need To Know About Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition which affects the pigmentation of your skin. It usually affects the skin on your face, such as your cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead and bridge of the nose. It isn’t a dangerous or serious condition, but you might find it unattractive if you experience it. Medical professionals believe that melasma is stimulated by UV radiation, which is why it usually occurs in areas that are exposed to the sun. Despite this, the root cause is unclear. Thankfully, skin care specialists have some ideas as to what stimulates it further.

What Causes Melasma?

Medical professionals believe melasma is linked to UV radiation exposure and hormone therapy treatments. As melasma affects women more often than men, they’ve found links to oestrogen and progesterone production. The reason for this is because most women affected use a contraceptive pill or are pregnant.

How You Can Treat It

Dermatologists and medical professionals use wood lamps to diagnose melasma. A wood lamp is a black light, which when used, shows bacterial and fungal infections, sun damage, discolouration and cancer cells beneath the visible layer of the skin. A wood lamp is used to see the extent of the melasma, where it hasn’t shown up yet, and how many layers of the skin are affected.

Sometimes, as in the case with pregnancy, melasma clears up on its own – especially when the pregnancy has ended. If this doesn’t occur, there are many forms of treatment. Melasma can be treated with lightening creams, SPF 50 – 70 strength sunscreens, tranexamic acid treatments, and laser therapies.

If you’ve tried over the counter treatments before to no avail, you might have better luck with a skin clinic treatment. Q-Switch Laser therapy works wonders by targeting lasers to literally shatter or break apart pigment particles in areas that are rich with melasma. The Mesoestetic Dermamelan-Cosmelan Treatment is also highly recommended. It’s is a brightening treatment, which targets blemishes and areas affected with discolouration caused by melanin production by brightening and evening skin tone while gently fading pigments deep inside and preventing the pigment from resurfacing again.

Although melasma isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can harm your self-esteem, and covering it up every day with makeup and concealer won’t work forever. If you’re tired of hiding, it might be time to book a consultation with the Victorian Dental Group, so we can assess your condition and recommend treatments.

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