What You Need To Know When Getting Laser Hair Removal On Dark Skin

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What You Need To Know When Getting Laser Hair Removal On Dark Skin

It’s a common misconception that laser hair removal works in the same way for all skin types, however this isn’t the case. Generally speaking, the best candidate for laser hair removal treatment is a patient with fair skin and dark hair, as dark hairs are easily targeted when there is a marked contrast between skin and hair colour. This doesn’t mean you can’t receive laser hair removal if you have dark skin but you’ll need to keep these factors in mind.

  • Choose the right type of laser

As with all types of machinery, there are different types that work better for different purposes. The same applies to laser hair removal devices. Nd: YAG devices are known to be the safest option for darker skin tones. This is because the wavelengths of these machines can penetrate the skin deeper and bypass the additional pigmentation present in the skin.

  • Make sure the clinic has experience with your shade

You don’t want to be going to a clinic or therapist that has zero experience with treating patients with a similar skin tone. You should call ahead and ask as many questions as you feel necessary to ensure that you feel that you’re in capable hands before you book an appointment.

  • You may need to spend more

While every patient reacts differently to laser, darker-skinned people often have to go to more laser hair removal sessions than people with fairer skin for successful hair removal. This means that you might incur more costs.

  • Prepare effectively

During the weeks leading up to your laser hair removal session, you’ll want to stop shaving and waxing, and on the day of your treatment, you should use no product on the area you plan to treat. If you want to do a bit of extra prep, you can request a patch test to see how your skin will react to the laser before committing to the whole treatment.

Do you have dark skin and hair and are looking for a permanent hair removal solution? The team at Victorian Dermal Group can assist you in laser hair removal treatments that are safe for your skin type. Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation.

November 12th, 2018|