What You Should Consider When Getting Collagen Induction Therapy

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What You Should Consider When Getting Collagen Induction Therapy

There is a wide range of facial treatments available, but few are as effective as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also called micro-needling or skin needling.

If you are struggling to find a solution to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing, CIT can offer you a great solution, but not everybody is certain whether the treatment is right for them. To help alleviate any concerns you might have, here’s what you need to consider when you are thinking about getting CIT.

What is CIT?

CIT involves rolling a medical-grade roller implanted with micro-needles across skin with lines or wrinkles. This creates a range of very small punctures in the dermis, which results in your body creating collagen and activating its healing response. These two functions work together to effectively reduce and heal the signs of ageing.

What should I keep in mind?

CIT can be performed on any skin on the body, even your face. As long as you are in relatively good health, you could be a good candidate for the treatment, as CIT doesn’t have restrictions for certain skin types.

Are there any risks?

The risks associated with CIT are minimal, but as with any treatment, there is a small chance of the following complications:

  • Dryness of the skin
  • White spots, called milia, appearing on your skin
  • Dark patches appearing on the treated skin
  • A possibility of cold sore outbreak, if you are prone to the condition
  • Scabs forming on the treatment site

Keep in mind that the occurrence of these problems is rare, and can easily be resolved.

What happens after the procedure?

Normally after the CIT procedure is finished, your skin will take on a red or pink hue, and might also present with light bruising and/or bleeding. Rest assured that after 24 to 72 hours the skin will recover.

The results of the treatment are often dependent on your body’s healing processes, and can take anywhere between four to eight weeks after your CIT session for results to begin to show. Normally, we recommend anything between two to five sessions for the best results, but this will depend on your consultation session with our skin care professionals.

Have you got more questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

February 8th, 2018|