Where to go for Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

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Where to go for Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

The Victorian Dermal Group were recently showcased on ‘The Urban List’ as one of the best places in Melbourne for Laser Hair Removal

For some, excessive hair on the arms, legs and other unmentionables means that long sleeves and pants are imperative 24/7, 365. Which is fine, now, but in summer? Not so much. So de-fuzz pronto! Winter is a great time to address excessive or wayward hair growth as the pigment cells are less active, so you can basically kick that down production when it’s down. Here’s one of my picks…

Victorian Dermal Group | Kew
When it comes to the East, the epitome of all things aesthetic is The Victorian Dermal Group, wedged seductively within the heavily-trod private school route. Needless to say, the door spins open and shut on high rotation with freshly primped, plucked and plumed locals.

The only practice in Melbourne that uses the highly prized oracle of de-fuzzing – the Candela GentleMAX® Pro laser technology – this hair removal hotspot caters to every skin type through a personalised skin treatment plan designed to address unwanted hormonal facial and body hair, in the short – and long – term.

The use of medical grade lasers here is said to supersede the results of IPL, enabling personalised, targeted treatment right down to the root of the problem.

Originally post by Emma Bangay – read the full post here.

May 26th, 2014|