Reducing the appearance of Melasma

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What is Melasma pigmentation?

Melasma (also known as cholasma) is a skin pigmentation condition. It usually appears on the face as brown-grey patches of discolouration, most often on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip.

The appearance of Melasma is usually brought on by oestrogen production – either from pregnancy, the contraceptive pill, Hormone Replacement Therapy, or natural oestrogen production. For this reason, Melasma mostly affects women but can sometimes occur in men as well.

How does Melasma relate to Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) can cause significant hormonal imbalances, meaning Melasma and PCOS often unfortunately go hand in hand. PCOS is more prevalent in Indigenous Australian and South Asian women, while Melasma often affects people with a more olive to dark skin tone. Both conditions are also affected by insulin resistance, an increase in androgens and fluctuating female hormones and oestrogen levels.

How can we treat Melasma?

At Vic Dermal, we always recommend you seek medical advice before engaging in any laser skin treatment.

When your doctor is confident cosmetic treatment is the most suitable option for your PCOS-related Melasma, or Melasma pigmentation, we’re here to make sure you receive the best holistic skin treatment for your complexion.

There is no Melasma cure or ‘quick fix’, but taking the time to create a targeted treatment plan using a combination of the latest medical-grade technology and clinical staff expertise means you can rely on our prescribed lasers, peels and creams to get your skin looking better than ever.

Our Melasma Pigmentation Treatments

Our skin pigmentation treatments include:

 Mesoestetic Dermamelan-Cosmelan Treatment: Cosmelan is a professional, topical brightening treatment that targets all types of brown patches and skin discolorations. It significantly reduces the blemishes caused by increased melanin production by gently fading the pigment and suppressing further pigment from resurfacing.

 Q-switch laser: This laser has a photo-mechanical effect on skin pigmentation, literally shattering small pigmentation particles which are then naturally eradicated by the body’s immune system. It helps even skin tone, boost collagen production, manage melasma, tighten pores and remove fine hairs.

After long-term, consistent changes in your skin? Achieve a more balanced, natural skin tone with our advanced laser treatments.


  • Removes sun damaged and hormonal superficial and deep pigmentation
  • From 4 weeks, full results from 3 months


  • Removes sun damaged and hormonal superficial and deep pigmentation
  • A series of three to six treatments are usually required
  • Four weeks apart

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@laurinafleure 3 days ago I had a Q- Switch Lazer Facial from @vicdermalgroup .. It evens skin tone , boosts collagen production, manages melasma, tightens pores and removes fine hairs!! It’s the best beauty treatment I know, and I feel Amazing every time I have one.. Thank you Derya @vicdermalgroup you are my Angel!! 😇”

@kaysha_louise Ready for bed 🌙⭐️ with my skin feeling so fresh and soft after my chemical peel last week at @vicdermalgroup thank you to the beautiful lady’s there for helping me out with my skin and getting me on track with my routine! “